Laporsha Jackson(St. Petersburg)

Birth Date: September 28 1990 Ethnicity: Black Hometown: St. Petersburg Height: 5’3 Weight: 160lbs. Measurements: 36B-??-?? Experience: None Facebook: Bio: My name is Porsha & I’m 21 years old. Im from st.petersburg i been wanting to become a video vixen all my very dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes for me tom reach my goals.i just need somebody to help me where i need to be.if you can please just give me a chance i promise i wont let you down.

Schinique Anderson(New York)

Birth Date: February 2 1992 Ethnicity: Black Hometown: New York Height: 5’4 Weight: 134lbs. Measurements: 36D-29-?? Experience: 7yrs. Bio: Born and raised in new york city , started modeling at the age of 12 moved to florida after i graduated hs and persued my career in modeling there aswell picked up dancing. I love sports ived played it all my life and working out is my hobby.

Paula Johnson(Queens)

Birth Date: November 27 1989 Ethnicity: Black Hometown: Queens Height: 5’3 Weight: 140lbs. Measurements: 36DD-26-38 Experience: Some Compensation: Depends Twitter: @Iampaula_j Facebook: Sexymama89 Myspace: Paula_johnson89 Bio: My name is Paula Johnson , iam 21 years old, i was born in new york and raised in New Jersey. Music is my life, I love dancing, and modeling, and i LOVE FASHION!

Jade Townsend(Brooklyn, NY)

Birth Date: October 27 1991 Ethnicity: Black Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Height: 5’5 Weight: 165lbs. Measurements: ??-??-?? Experience: None Bio: Im a 20 yrs old dedicated, hard-working female born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Moved to SC for about 8 years and thats when i decided modeling was what i wanted to do. I feel as though i’d be good in the modeling industry be cause i have best of both worlds. Im a city girl with a country girl swagg.


Birth Date: July 7 1990 Ethnicity: Black Hometown: Philadelphia Height: 5’5 Weight: 122lbs. Measurements: ??-??-?? Experience: None Twitter: @sapphireflamz Myspace: lex thomas Facebook: sapphireflamz Bio: I’m from philly i love the cameras on me im 20 years of age and i always wanted to model.

Michelle Wright(Bay Area)

Birth Date: July 11 1991 Ethnicity: Black Hometown: Bay Area Height: 5’9 Weight: 165lbs. Measurements: 36D-??-?? Experience: None Twitter: @SHELLY_MINAJ Bio: My name is Michelle Taylor Wright.I am 19years old. I would love to be in the modeling/video vixen industry I am 100% willing to have a certain look body etc. to work with photographers models artists etc. Please contact me with any more questions.No games I aint here to play I may be young but I’m on a grown woman level I’m very professional outgoing fun loving and hard-working.Thank You Muahh


Birth Date: January 21 1987 Ethnicity: Mixed Hometown: Austell Height: 5’1 Weight: 145lbs. Measurements: 36C-28-40 Experience: Experienced Bio: current student from ny here in atlanta modeling my ass off